Vision & Mission

Our vision is to treat patients with a holistic approach that integrates a variety of therapies, vast medical knowledge and advanced technologies. We aim to empower our patients with new skills to access their strength and their own inner healing abilities, so they can overcome their disability and prosper.

But only when a Vision is rooted in Values can it achieve its Mission. At the Nicosia Rehabilitation Center, our core Value is each individual. Everyone who comes to us is unique and on a strictly personal journey towards rehabilitating their health. Because of this, they each deserve a specialist approach. This is precisely why we treat each patient holistically.

Apart from a marked improvement in the physical condition of every patient, ‘true rehabilitation’ must also include the necessary mental and spiritual support. Rehabilitation is a process that is as much about the spirit as it is about the body. It seeks to restore normality to the patients and also to the people around them.

Physiotherapy, mental health, specialised nutrition, family support and open communication channels are all part of the preparation and journey of each patient for the return to their routine. As soon as possible, and as effectively as possible. That is our Mission.