Tel Hashomer

NRC & Tel Hashomer

A Major Strategic Alliance

Our centre maintains close working relations with the Sheba Medical Centre, the biggest medical centre in the Middle East and one of the ten best medical centres in the world. Commonly known as Tel Hashomer, this leading Israeli hospital has over 1,700 beds and is home to one of the largest rehabilitation centres in the whole world. Its cooperation with the Tel-Aviv University contributes to the academic research and to innovations in this field.

Tel Hashomer offers medical services to patients from all across the Middle East. It serves as a model for other hospitals worldwide, providing guidance for the construction of hospitals, for planning healthcare systems and mentoring new medical teams.

NRC cooperation with Tel Hashomer includes professional advice and joint team work in the following fields:

  • Professional guidance from senior Israeli rehabilitation physicians, on how to implement treatment programmes for recovery and rehabilitation.
  • Professional further-education seminars in Cyprus and Israel, where professional staffs can practice new methods, exchange relevant information and improve their skills.
  • Further treatment at our centre, for Cypriot patients who underwent surgeries at Tel Hashomer, to enhance their recovery process.
  • Joint research with Tel Hashomer and the School of Medicine in Nicosia.