Each patient is tended to by experienced medical personnel with expertise in their particular area of rehabilitation.

Nicosia Rehabilitation Center patients are in the safe hands of a dedicated medical team which always includes a General Physician, Physiotherapist, Nutritionist and Psychologist. Further specialist needs are also met.

Thanks to this approach, our guest patients at the NRC enjoy a lasting holistic care experience which leads to the maximum possible physical and psychological recovery.

The patients’ family members receive daily updates from the medical staff about every phase of the course of treatment.

A physician from the NRC is tasked with this purpose, providing detailed information to relatives about the patient’s progress and answering any questions that may arise.


Physiotherapy Photograph

Physiotherapy treats problems such as post-traumatic conditions, mobility deficiencies or restrictions  due to illness or as a result of an accident.

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Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy Photograph

Speech Therapy treats patients with speech difficulties or problems with swallowing.

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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy Photograph

Occupational Therapy treats patients with diseases caused by any of various factors involved in a person’s occupation.

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Hydrotherapy Photograph

Hydrotherapy refers to the use of water as a therapeutic agent and is one of the most important components of the Rehabilitation Team.

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